6 Best Steakhouses In Miami To Try This Summer

Going to a steakhouse dinner should be a premium experience every single time. That’s why it’s crucial to know the steakhouses in Miami and which ones are worth the visit more than the others.

If you aren’t a local, chances are you don’t know where to get the best steaks in Miami. 

Luckily, we’re here to change that. We’ll show you the six best steak restaurants in the city and tell you why they’re worth visiting.

Keep reading and find your new favorite steak restaurant in Miami.

And if you want to skip the list and find the best steakhouse in Coral Gables, visit Public Square.

Cote Miami

Let’s start with something out of the ordinary. Cote Miami is a Korean barbecue restaurant. The concept usually relies on a charcoal grill that stands in the center of the table, where you cook the meats. The idea is a bit different in Cote, with waiters turning the meats and helping you cook and serve them.

Since this is the list of best steakhouses in Miami, that’s what we’re going to show you. Cote Miami is here for a reason. 

This restaurant is Michelin-starred and will be worth every penny you spend in there.

Their goal is to put a fancy dining experience in a healthy mix with a classic Korean barbecue joint, and they’re doing it quite well. What separates them from the competition is most likely the quality of ingredients.

In fact, their meat has won many prizes in the past. The restaurant became famous for its 45-day dry-aged beef, which will leave you speechless.

The restaurant’s cuts are all prime, but the guests praise the sides just as much. 

When the whole experience feels like a visit to Broadway, we say they’ve done an excellent job hosting. It doesn’t get much better when that show involves high-quality steak too.

Michael Mina: Bourbon Steak

Being a Michelin-starred chef speaks for itself. Michael Mina often isn’t a part of the crew in this steak restaurant in Miami, but he got together a team who performs exceptionally well without its leader.

The restaurant is a bit out of the way, but you won’t regret taking the trip out of town once you try their food. And, it’s only about half an hour north of Downtown.

As we mentioned, the food is the main attraction of this steakhouse. You can choose anything from a grass-fed filet mignon to Angus dry-aged rib-eye with the bone. The all-natural steaks poached in herb-infused butter that were finished in a wood-burning oven are the superstars of this restaurant.

The meat is the reason the guests keep coming back. But, it isn’t the only great thing about this Miami steakhouse.

This Michael Mina restaurant is also known for the crispy duck-fat french fries you won’t find in most steakhouses.

And another thing that’s worth mentioning is the glossy atmosphere of the building. It will make you feel like you’re in Mad Men set in today’s world. Not a bad way to feel if you ask us.

Christy’s Restaurant

After forty years of serving its customers, this restaurant closed and reopened in 2021. The space needed a touching up, and now they’re back at it stronger than ever. 

Cristy’s needed to follow the trends and spice up their design, but the menu required no changes. In fact, the Caesar salad hasn’t changed in the last 20 years. The recipe is still the same, and the same person is preparing it. Pair it with the famous aged beef, and you’ve got yourself a perfect dinner. 

And, at Cristy’s, you’re likely to pay a lot less than at some other places. Considering the quality of the food, this Miami steakhouse is quite affordable.

If you aren’t in the mood for beef, there are other options Cristy’s is known for in the area. Try baked Alaska for two, or sweeten things with Neopolitan ice cream. It’s made extra special with the tableside fire show that accompanies it.

On top of all that, the bar improved the cocktails list, and now you can order handcrafted drinks that aren’t available everywhere. Give this place a shot and see what makes them so unique.

RED South Beach

RED South Beach is one of the most famous steakhouses in Miami. Naturally, there are reasons for that. The restaurant’s reputation relies on excellent service and perfectly prepared cuts of beef.

That’s pretty much what you always hope you’ll get when visiting a top-end restaurant. The atmosphere should be pleasant and the selection prestigious. Everything from the wine to the food should be high-level, which in this case is.

This South Beach restaurant isn’t only one of Miami’s best places to get steaks. Its dining room is modern and tastefully designed, the service is exquisite, and the rest of the menu doesn’t fall behind either.

Their jumbo shrimp cocktail is undoubtedly worth trying, and the Maine lobster pasta is a dish you shouldn’t pass up. So, don’t worry if someone in your party isn’t feeling like having steak. RED South Beach has more to offer.

Sonny’s Someday Steakhouse

It isn’t often that you see a steak restaurant in Miami that’s entirely outdoors. Well, Sonny’s Someday Steakhouse made it work.

Their menu is the star of the show, with many items you can’t get that easily. For example, their Caesar salad is served with anchovies, the way it’s meant to be done. The New York strip is aged 70 days and served with an assortment of high-quality sauces made in-house. 

This restaurant has been a seasonal pop-up, but the owners are working on a permanent solution at the moment. Look for the return of this location during the cooler months and enjoy a high-quality steak dinner outdoors.

Public Square

Public Square restaurant has been the heart of Coral Gables for quite some time now. It’s set on the corner of Red Road and San Ignacio Avenue, and it’s the locals’ favorite place to gather and celebrate special events. 

The community often gathers in Public Square to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and any other type of family gathering. Schedule a meal and see why the locals love this place so much.

Not only does this steakhouse in Coral Gables serve premium cuts of beef, but you can try some other specialties their menu offers. The Wild Salmon is surely worth a try if you ask us.

The guests often praise the sides, too, so order truffle fries to try something out of the ordinary.

If you’re ever in the area and looking for a steakhouse in Coral Gables, we recommend visiting Public Square restaurant. There’s no going wrong with any of their beef cuts, and the rest of the menu is just as appealing.