Best Places To Eat In Miami During Miami Swim Week

Spending Miami swim week in the city is always fun if you know the right places. People gather from all sides of the world to flaunt their swimwear and beach bodies, enjoy the nightlife and, of course, enjoy great food and drinks!

But, what restaurants in Miami should you visit during your visit? 

Don’t worry. We’ll make that easy for you. 

With our list of nice restaurants in Miami, you’ll have no trouble deciding where to go, grab a bite and sip on some of the best cocktails.

So wait no more, start learning about places to eat in Miami, and decide on your spot for the following weekend.

La Mar

Why don’t we start this list with something exotic? La Mar is a Peruvian restaurant located inside the Mandarin Oriental. And, it’s no ordinary place.

The dishes this place serves will leave you speechless. At first glance, you’ll see that some real skill was required to make the plate in front of you. 

Diego Oka is the head chef and one of the main reasons this place serves the best dinner in Miami, according to many guests.

Quite often, he showcases his skills in making high-level dishes that you probably can’t find anywhere else. With items like edible flowers and foam, he displays his precision and technique like not many others. But that’s not all that La Mar offers.

Their waterfront patio is just as appealing as their meals. You’ll get to enjoy a view not many restaurants in Miami offer. 

With a 360-degree view of Miami, this place is quite the outdoor dining experience.

And, of course, you can’t spend Miami swim week without a drink in your hand. That’s why La Mar serves craft cocktails. And, live music changes nightly so you can hear something new every time you visit. 

Give this place a visit and see why many consider this place to be the best restaurant in Miami.

Public Square

There are so many places to eat in Miami that it’s hard to find the special one to always return to. However, the people from Coral Gables don’t seem to have that issue.

Public Square steakhouse is a place Coral Gables locals adore and always recommend. 

The corner of Red Road and San Ignacio Avenue is the heart of this Miami area, and it’s beloved by everyone who lives close by. Most residents celebrate their special occasions at this very location. 

Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and any other type of festivity can be celebrated at Public Square, and the employees will make you feel like a part of their family.

And, of course, their menu is one of the reasons these people keep coming back. The best dinner in Miami is in Coral Gables, as their guests claim. 

No matter if you’d like a lobster roll or a filet mignon, Public Square has it. Their chefs prepare delicious meals that you don’t have to wait for very long or give away your paycheck at the end.

Visit Public Square and see why we believe it’s the best restaurant in Miami.

Root & Bone

We won’t have to say much about Root & Bone‘s cooking. Southern food speaks for itself. Who doesn’t love fried chicken, ribs, mac and cheese, and all the other amazing dishes Southerners worship?

This type of cuisine is popular all over the US, so it’s obvious why Root & Bone is among the best places to eat in Miami.

Chef Janine Booth has proven her culinary skills around the world as she traveled through Europe, and Asia, to finally land in Miami. She is known for her appearance on the Emmy award-winning show Top Chef. After competing with 18 other chefs, she moved to New York and opened her first restaurant.

That partnership with Jeffrey McInnis has proven to be a great hit, as their Root & Bone restaurants flourish wherever they show up. Jeff is also a celebrity chef with years of experience and many great dishes behind him.

Give their place a visit and see why we believe it might be the best restaurant in Miami.

Glass and Vine

There are many nice restaurants in Miami, and you’ll have a decent time at most of them. But, this blog is meant for the best of the best and experiences you won’t have dining just anywhere.

That’s why Glass and Vine restaurant is on our list. This place is a restaurant in a secret garden by the sea and unlike any other spot in the city.

This restaurant’s patio is full of wildlife, trees, and beautiful nature catered to be a perfect place for the best dinner in Miami. 

And, of course, the food is just as good. 

If you’re going mid-day, try the alfresco lunch and enjoy it nestled in the Grove’s Peacock Park. This place also serves brunch during the weekend, which will resemble a sophisticated picnic among the trees.

Try the Miso Salmon if you’re going for dinner, and you surely won’t regret it. Or, if you want something familiar, try their Black Angus Ribeye and enjoy a real cut of beef.

Glass and Vine might be the perfect place to spend Miami swim week. Check it out and see if it fits your vibe.

Mandolin Aegean Bistro

If you like experimenting and trying new meals and cuisines from all over the world, then you should visit this Bistro. Greek food will amaze you, and the design of the restaurant is quite appealing.

It’s got the recognizable Mediterranean white and blue all over the place. So, you’ll feel like you’re in Greece instead of Florida. Not many nice restaurants in Miami can give you this experience.

If you’d like to have a date somewhere in the area, this is the place to go. The design of the restaurant will leave a great impression, but that’s only the beginning. 

The menu is also quite date-friendly. So, there are a bunch of shareable dishes you can use to break the ice. Order mezze or a mixture of pita bread you can share with your companion and start the date with something tasty.

Of course, you’ll have to get something to drink as well. And, what better way to meet someone than over a glass of homemade sangria?

It will get the conversation going and let you enjoy the company and the experience. 

So, give Mandolin Aegean Bistro a visit, and see if a date in Greece can be successful.

Visit Public Square

To spend the best Miami swim week in the area, visit the Public Square restaurant. This place will amaze you with unbelievable service, environment, and food.