Must-Try Foie Gras Empanadas Recipes

You may have heard of chicken foie gras on a cooking show or seen it as a menu item at a French or fusion fine dining restaurant. It certainly is a unique delicacy that can only be purchased in luxury and gourmet distributors. In America, only 3 foie gras farms exist and they all produce exceptional products. If you’ve never tried this French delicacy, you should keep reading because it is mouth wateringly delicious. Despite its luxury affiliation, it is an incredibly easy protein to cook. Our Foie Gras Empanadas are made with Hudson Valley Foie Gras, one of the premier farms and distributors in the U.S. 

What is Foie Gras?

Foie Gras is considered a specialty food that comes from the liver of a fattened goose or duck. This pricey protein can range from $40 – $80 per pound, depending on its origins, the animal, and the manufacturing process. While it might set you back over 10 times more than most other proteins, it freezes and stores exceptionally well for up to a year. For storing fully cooked foie gras in mousse, pates, or blocs, products last several years based on label instructions. 

However, it does have a limited shelf life in the refrigerator after opening. That means that if you are unable to cook a whole lobe, you’ll have plenty more for your next fancy occasion. It’s best to slice in thicker pieces, as they cook better and create the mix of nutty and creamy taste we’ve all come to love. The decadent richness combined with a distinct sweetness results in a melt in your mouth experience like no other when properly prepared. 

Where Can I Find Foie Gras Near Me?

As noted before, you’ll find premium foie gras produced in only 3 locations in America that include Hudson Valley and Le Belle in New York and Au Bon Canard in Minnesota. It’s history dates back all the way to the ancient Egyptians, who hunted ducks and geese in the Nile River as they gorged themselves before long migrations. As the Egyptians domesticated these fowl relatively early on, they were a regular part of their diets and spiritual offerings. This practice of using geese and ducks as a source of food prior to migration spread throughout the Meditarranean, Greece, and eventually Rome, where foie gras was enhanced. The Romans would feed the fowl fruit to enhance the flavor of the fattened liver and began to raise them specifically for foie gras. 

Outside of the States, you’ll find foie gras most popular in France. As the world’s largest producers and consumers of foie gras, it is relatively easy to order and import from an online company. It was first introduced to the American market by Ariane Daguin in the 1980s, who sold the product to premium New York restaurants. She was the daughter of a famous chef and had the credentials to be the first to introduce foie gras to the West. 

What is the Best Foie Gras Recipe? 

When looking for the best foie gras recipe for empanadas, you have options! You can choose to make a duck empanadas recipe or make them using chicken foie gras. Pastry stuffed with protein and flavorful ingredients is one of our favorite past times and now we are sharing it with you. Our menu includes our popular Foie Gras Empanadas made with Hudson Valley foie gras, anise seeds, and onion campari marmalade. For those of you who want to cook this at home, we have a few recommendations on the best way to prepare a duck or chicken foie gras recipe even your in-laws will love! The best part is that they are super quick and easy to make so everyone will be able to enjoy them quickly. 


  • 1 pound Grade A or B foie gras (chicken or duck)
  • 1 jar of fig jam
  • 6 “unroll” pillsbury style pie crusts
  • 2 eggs beaten

foie gras ingredientsPreparation: 

  • Phase 1: First, preheat the oven to 425 degrees and place parchment paper in a baking pan. 
  • Phase 2: Next, slice your foie gras into rectangles or half moons of 1.25 x 3 inches. 
  • Phase 3: Now, unroll your Pillsbury pie crusts and cut between 5 to 6 rounds of dough with a 4 inch cookie cutter. 
  • Phase 4: Carefully spoon a teaspoon of jam and each slice of foie gras into the center of each dough section. 
  • Phase 5: Crimp and seal each dough section. For future reference, these can be premade and frozen several days prior to cooking. 
  • Phase 6: Place each empanada in the baking pan and brush with egg wash. 
  • Phase 7: Place the baking pan in the oven and back for 12 minutes or until the tops are golden brown. It’s important to not overcook the empanadas or the foie gras will melt. 
  • Phase 8: Once cooked, serve with port wine sauce and a glass of pinot gris. Enjoy!

Fun Facts: Foie Gras

When you cook with a foie gras recipe for the first time, you’ll notice that the lobes are small. When you become a veteran, you’ll notice the differences in the type of foie gras you choose to cook with. First, the goose liver is larger than a duck but undistinguishable once it is sliced. Goose liver is lighter than duck and it’s diameter yields a more robust cut. When pan fried, goose liver is firmer than duck and tastes more like poultry. If you choose to fry duck liver, you will lose more fat than goose. 

The French term foie gras literally means “fat liver” in English. The most commonly used foie gras comes from the Mulard species of duck. This cross between Pekin and Muscovy duck is responsible for 98% of French foie gras production. The remaining foie gras can be attributed to geese. In modest amounts, foie gras is a healthy protein that contains high levels of fat, cholesterol, Vitamins A and B, and iron. It should be consumed sparingly and for specific occasions or when you’re feeling fancy!

Where is the Best Foie? 

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