Top 8 Most Iconic Miami Dishes

For foodies who are visiting Miami for the first time or those of us who’ve been here for years, Miami cuisine is known for its eclectic mix of multicultural flair with a side of glamour. There aren’t many places in the U.S. where you can find European, Caribbean, Spanish, Cuban, Latin, African, and Asian dishes on the same street as historical architecture and art. It all blends seamlessly as a commentary on why you must eat in Miami and experience the city for yourself. As a restaurant with established history and love for Miami famous food choices, we invite you to try some of the best Miami cuisine you may not have considered. 

Foods You Must Eat in Miami

As the saying goes, “When in Miami”? Maybe not quite accurate but it certainly applies here! It’s easy to get swept into the vibe of Miami food and culture. There are a few dishes that we recommend as the most iconic to try. If your an adventurous foodie with an appetite for Miami Florida food, take a look at these incredible options: 

  • Empanadas – Highly influenced by Spanish, Latin, and Asian cultures, empanadas are hugely popular in the U.S. This delicious pastry stuffed with savory filling and fried or baked to perfection is a fan favorite and one of our starter menu items. Our Foie Gras Empanadas are filled with hudson valley foie gras, onion campari marmalade, and anise seeds. They are best paired with our House Mix Green Salad or Kale Caesar Salad and our infamous Public Square Punch. We recommend trying one of our many tantalizing dipping sauces, specifically the Piquillo Pepper Chimichurri. 
  • Key lime pie – A dessert named after a Florida city must be enjoyed while in Miami. Our sweet and tart Key Lime Pie is filled with creamy lime custard, Italian meringue with a toasted nut crust unrivaled among Miami food restaurants. Visit us during our happy hour specials and you can enjoy the crispness of our Key Lime Pie paired with a half priced glass of Riesling. As a Happy Hour starter, you may want to try our Corn Fritters made with corn salsa, sweet corn maple sauce, and chives. End the night with a palate cleansing Key Lime Pie. 
  • SushiMiami food is known for its freshness and sushi is no exception. When paired with a side of fried plantains, it is a match made in heaven. Our sushi menu features the Dragon Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Salmon Crab Roll, and the Jalapeno Hamachi Roll. Sushi is best when paired with a warm sake, Japanese beer, or a light red wine with silky tannins like a Pinot Noir or a Rose. 
  • Ceviche and Seafood – The freshness tour continues with iconic Miami cuisine that features ceviche and seafood. Miami history is steeped in Spanish culture and cuisine beginning with the early and mid 1500s when Spanish explorers were the primary inhabitants of the area. Ceviche’s origins are based in Peru and prepared with the utmost care and freshness on our menu. You’ll appreciate our Peruvian Classic Ceviche made with mahi mahi, red onion, lime juice, sweet potato, corn nuts, and corn. 

Seafood ceviche

You’ll have your choice of seafood from our Raw Bar menu including Blue Point Oysters made with cocktail sauce, mignonette, and house hot sauce. Our Medium Stone Crabs are a great Happy Hour addition when paired with an 11 Spritz made from Elleven Vodka, Aperol, Soho Lychee, strawberry, peach, and orange juice. When you’re looking for a full meal, our Poached Lobster dish will satisfy your hunger pains made with a 2lb Florida lobster, paddlefish caviar, orange segments, passion fruit aioli, and dill. 

  • Alligator – For the adventurous and curious foodie, alligator is a dish you must eat in Miami. A common site in Florida, alligator meat makes a surprisingly delicious appetizer when paired with creamy garlic and spicy mayo dip. When cooked just right, fried alligator is tender and tastes just like chicken! Although not part of our menu, you’ll have to try the Florida delicacy seasoned with Old Bay with a fish texture. Pair these lightly fried bites with a handcrafted amber ale and a live music set and you have the perfect evening. 
  • Cuban sandwich – When you ask what food is Miami known for, most locals will mention the cuban sandwich. It originates from early cafes located in immigrant communities in Tampa and Key West that worked in the cigar industry. The cuban sandwich is typically served with ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, salami, pickles, and mustard on a Cuban roll. In areas that are prominently Italian, you’ll find salami in addition to other varieties. It is toasted using a plancha and cut into diagonal halves. You won’t find the Cuban sandwich on our menu but you will find our Public Square Burger made with Swiss cheese, morel mushrooms, bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a brioche bun. 
  • Churrasco – A portuguese and Spanish name for grilled beef, churrasco is often served by waiters who move around a restaurant and slice meat onto a diner’s plate. This hearty Miami cuisine is located here in 12oz and best paired with a side of our Truffle Fingerling Potatoes, Mac and Cheese, or Roasted Cauliflower. This Latin American dish is best enjoyed with a full bodied glass of Cabernet Sauvignon from our 94 Points or Higher Wine or Wine on Tap selections. 
  • Ice cream – A meal in Miami where the average temperature is 77 degrees is not complete without a couple scoops of ice cream. Whether you chose to enjoy this sweet, cold treat during the day or in the evening after a robust meal, our Vanilla Bean Ice Cream from our dessert menu is the perfect way to end the day. Bring a friend and add a scoop to our warm, Molten Chocolate Cake and watch the sparks fly! For locals in Miami, it is a required part of a daily healthy diet. 

Reserve Your Table for the Best Miami Food

Have you made plans for Valentine’s Day yet? Our Valentine’s Day menu is a great way for you and your significant other to explore the best of Miami Florida food. On the special day, start your meal with your choice of two appetizers including Dressed Oysters made with pickled radish and pineapple mignonette or Scallops Crudo made with strawberry and yuzu marinade, pickled ginger, and cucumber. Enjoy the main dish with a choice of Grilled Fillet Mignon or Blackened Mahi Mahi and top it off with a Miami cuisine classic of Apple Pie Empanadas. Celebrate with any one of our sparkling wines or handcrafted cocktails from our premier menu. 

For the days leading up to Valentine’s Day and every day after, we are here with specials during the work week. Our Happy Hour specials run Monday through Friday with half priced wine, cocktails, and beer with $10 sushi rolls. Begin the week off on the right foot with Monday half priced bottles of wine after 5pm. Visit us on Wednesday and enjoy half priced Whiskey after 5pm or come back Thursday and relax to a live jazz band between 6 – 9pm. If you’re looking to host a private party or make reservations for a table, visit our website and fill out the contact form. 

Reserve your table today to try the best in Miami Florida food and bring a friend!