The Best Desserts in South Miami, Florida

The summertime is the perfect season to visit restaurants that serve the best desserts in Miami. You won’t have to look far since we are one of them! You’ve probably noticed that South Miami has a diverse array of food selections representing the city’s multicultural dynamic. It makes for an ideal place to explore dishes you’ve never had before. Ice cream is always the go-to dessert selection for this season, but it’s more exploratory to think outside the box with so much dessert diversity available. We’ve done the homework and are sharing our favorite selection of the best desserts in Miami, so you won’t have to! 

The Best Desserts in Miami

  • Key lime pie – Florida is the key lime pie capital of the world, and summers in Miami are never complete without a slice! As one of the most popular and best desserts in Miami, you’ll find key lime pie everywhere made with different recipes. We make our Key Lime Pie with key lime custard, Italian meringue, and a toasted nut crust that melts in your mouth. We’d recommend pairing this treat with one of our refreshing salads from our brunch menu while listening to live jazz music. 
  • Lava cake – If you love chocolate cake as much as we do, you’ll appreciate a well-made lava cake filled with melted chocolate. That’s what you can expect when you visit our restaurant. Enjoy our Molten Chocolate Cake while you sit back and relax. We make our fan-favorite using dark chocolate molten cake, french sea salt, and vanilla citrus whipped cream. Another popular dessert, you’ll find different versions of chocolate lava cake throughout the area. However, our recipe stands out because we combine subtle hints of vanilla and citrus to complement the irresistible chocolate overflow. You won’t find this unique take on lava cake anywhere else!
  • Carrot cake – Anytime is a great time for carrot cake, and summer is no exception. This dessert is made in several different ways, but ours stays true to tradition. We make our carrot cake using cream cheese frosting and candied walnuts. Immerse yourself in the indulgent and savory flavors of the moist cake after a long day of work, and you’ll feel refreshed in no time. 
  • Ice cream sundae – No other dessert represents the summer season quite like an ice cream sundae. As one of the best desserts in Miami, you’ll find many different versions and interpretations throughout the area. We serve Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, which is a popular base for this sweet treat. A traditional ice cream sundae is made with two to three scoops of ice cream, nuts, whipped cream, and maraschino cherries. The best part about creating an ice cream sundae is all the options and versatility available to you. Add other garnishes and flavors like crumbled cookies, bananas, sprinkles, or brownie pieces or mix and match ice cream flavors for a unique flavor experience. You can never go wrong with this one!
  • Coconut cake – An infamous cake originally from the south and one of the best desserts in Miami, the coconut cake has become a staple of family gatherings. Although the fruit comes from the tropics, coconuts were a common ingredient in cakes, pies, cookies, and candles in the U.S. during the 1800s. The best fluffy and moist coconut cakes are made with sour cream and canned coconut milk. You’ll find this on many dessert menus throughout Miami. 
  • Snickerdoodle cookies – When you’re looking to satisfy a sweet tooth craving, snickerdoodle cookies will do the trick. If you’re familiar with this cookie recipe, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by variations that include Valrhona gianduja chocolate. The cookie is traditionally made using cream, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and baking soda for those who are new to snickerdoodles. They are typically soft, chewy, and thick bites of pure happiness. 
  • Milkshakes – Milkshakes are another traditional summer treat. Milkshake season is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier. No other drink can cool you down in 90-degree weather while delivering sweet flavors simultaneously, quite like this creamy treat. If you’re like us, you love a standout take on milkshakes that includes cake, cookies, sprinkles, candy, or any combination of these ingredients. When you’re looking for a milkshake that can double as a meal, you’ll find it at restaurants that serve the best desserts in Miami. 
  • Maple bacon donuts – Bacon is the secret ingredient to making anything tasty, and adding it to the best desserts in Miami is no exception! When your craving a blend of salty and sweet flavors on your palate, a maple bacon donut hits the spot on a hot summer day. If you’ve never had a maple bacon donut topped with strips of salty bacon, it’s worth a try. 
  • Corn cake – There are many varieties of corn cake, but it is originally a cultural gift from the Native Americans who showed settlers how to grind and cook corn to eat. They were also referred to as “journey cakes” since they were the only cakes that could be taken on long trips in saddlebags and cooked on the way. Eventually, restaurants that serve the best desserts in Miami created their own flavor interpretations of the corn cake and topped it with cream Fraiche ice cream. 
  • S’mores – Late-night summer bonfires require smores, but they don’t have to be limited to the evening. S’mores are one of the best desserts in Miami because their campfire-alluding qualities inspire many desserts, including souffle. If you’ve never tried a s’mores souffle, now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and explore. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

Try the Best Desserts in Miami

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